Opera HTNG

Opera HTNG for Roomchecking

What we need from Oracle

  1. Provided the ResortId
  2. Provided the Opera Login/pwd account

Provided the data center urls :

  1. PmsUrl of this form "https://rp15-prod2-ssd-osb.oracleindustry.com/OPERAOSB/OPERA_HTNG2008B/HTNG2008BService"
  2. PmsUrlExt="https://rp15-prod2-ssd-osb.oracleindustry.com/OPERAOSB/OPERA_HTNG_Ext2008B/HTNGExt2008BService"

@Oracle : please make sure we can from our servers (whitelisted below) we can ping those 2 URLs. Thx

What Oracle consultant needs from us

Data Center Install

This is the vendor URL you must give this format : (the xxx will be given at install time)

You MUST use for vendor User/Pwd :

  • User :HTNG
  • Pwd : HTNG

Local Install

if it is local then change the opera-htng.roomchecking.com to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


Please authorize those IP on your firewall :




I needed to do add the TLS 1.2 support to Microsoft .NET Framework on the HTNG server.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The user must have WS ACESS Rights :

SSDA10_OPERA_Cloud_-_Creating_Interface_Service_Accounts_-_How_to_Guide (1)

Your contact :

Jonathan Weizman


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