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Hopr Roomchecking set of mobile apps covers Cleaners, Runners, Maintenance and Inspectors. Thanks to a very neat and focused UI staff can focus on their work assisted by great real time information
Mobile apps features
Neat UI for easy training
Offline Support
iOS (prefered) & Android support
Neat UI
What is the most important feature of a mobile app in the hotel industry? It is the  obsessive quest of doing more with less clicks ! Roomchecking Hopr apps have gone throught extensive user testing to achieve super slick use for everyone :
Each action is doubled with colours to allow intuitive usage 
Every piece of information is delivered at the right place
Collaboration is at the heart of the system.
Offline Support
It is not uncommon to see uncomplete wifi coverage in avhotel. A mobile application must support offline support. When Wifi is off, the application continues to function and when back will synchronize with the PMS.
The hotel industry is powered by foreign workers.  Hopr supports many languages like English, French, Polish, Russian, Portugueese, Chineese, Arabic ... And we keep adding.
iOS (prefered) & Android support
With full support for iOS and Android, you can run hopr on almost all phones.  We have a strong preference for iOS because of its reliablity and integrated MDM (Mobile Device Management)
Daily priorities
All hotels and properties are different and have different operations, thus a tool used for operations needs to be adaptable. With Roomchecking rule builder you are able to build your own rules. Do you have weekly Cleanings? Do you have extra cleanings for some properties and for other not? Do clients get their cleanings based on their ratecode? We can help you. Find some examples of rules below
Ratecode based cleanings
Weekly cleanings balanced
Weekly cleanings specific day
Category based cleanings
Reservation lenght based cleaning
Reservation lenght based cleaning
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules

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