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A task management system lies at the core of hotel operations. Hopr takes a meticulous approach to tasks, ensuring they are efficiently organized to prevent overwhelming your team, while still maintaining optimal productivity.
Create Rich tasks to anyone
Use Advanced Skill Workflow
Event Tasks / Tasks in Mass
Tasks Automation
Create Rich tasks to anyone
Good communication via tasks is important for a hotel. A strong system is needed to manage many tasks. Hopr offers a flexible solution that handles different needs without making things too complicated.
Immediate tasks
Future tasks
Recurring tasks
Event tasks
Task in mass
Priority/Guest Request Tasks
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
Use Advanced Skill Workflow
Being able to track task progress is essential in a hotel. However, some tasks may be simpler than others. For example, fulfilling a request for a baby bed is a straightforward task that can be marked as either done or not done. On the other hand, repairing a complex asset is a more involved process, with multiple stages such as pending, started, paused, finished, and verified. Treating each task correctly is crucial to ensuring proper understanding and successful completion.

Task escalation in hotels helps fix guest problems quickly by involving higher-level staff when needed. This process makes sure issues are sent to the right people, so they are solved fast. This leads to happier guests and better teamwork among hotel staff, creating a great experience for everyone.
Escalation based on time
Escalation based on Vip
Escalation per department 
Event Tasks / Tasks in Mass
Events tasks will allow to trigger a task when an event occurs. Take for exemple bring some flowers to a room. The guest may want the tasks to be executed AFTER Checkin. Hopr will let you create the task at any moment but let's it execute only when requested.

Tasks Automation
Image you don't have to think about reverse tasks like bringing back a baby bed after Check Out. Or calling the portier to bring lugages to the room immedialtly at CI time.
Options are endless and Hopr is built for automations.

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