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Apartment Rental Cleaning Management Software

Apartment rentals deserve a better tool to manage Their Operations

Take control of cleaning across your serviced apartment portfolio and offer a tailored customer experience - thanks to RoomChecking’s real-time cleaning management platform.
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I Couldn´t Be Without RoomChecking, It Would Be Impossible - Like Someone Taking Away My Smartphone

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CEO, Napoleon

Do you struggle to manage cleaning across your serviced apartments?

Cleaning management apps are still generic

If you’ve searched for a tool to manage cleaning then you already know that most apps are optimized for hotels.

Cleaning a portfolio of apartments is complicated

Your properties might vary in size and timezone - and you have to factor in travel time between locations.

Cleaning needs to be flexible and on-demand

Each customer has unique needs - they might want cleaning at a specific time, or to cancel a previously-booked visit.
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Cleaning rules

Make complex cleaning schedules simple
Make cleaning work for your team and apartment guests - with RoomChecking’s dynamic digital cleaning schedules and real-time updates.

Manage complex cleaning schedules with rules

Stop writing schedules.

Simply set predefined rules to automatically add and update tasks and prioritize apartments based on triggers.

Create flexible schedules to suit each customer

Offer a tailored service.

Switch schedules for long or short-stay guests, change cleaning days on demand - and send each customer updates.

Plan your month ahead with cleaning forecasts

Take control.

Plan your cleaning in advance to make sure that cleaners and resources are allocated - with minimal risk of issues or complaints.
I couldn't be without RoomChecking, it would be impossible - like someone taking away my smartphone
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Damien Harvey
Deputy Director Hotel Forest Hill
Meudon Velizy
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Cleaning management

Manage cleaning in real-time - with zero phone calls
Track cleaning as it happens in the RoomChecking management platform - as real-time updates are delivered from each attendant’s mobile app.
Now there’s less waiting at reception, fewer phone calls - and rooms are ready faster’
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CEO, Napoléon

Send instructions and codes to each cleaner

Remove bottlenecks.

Deliver planning instructions, standards and door codes for each property in advance - so cleaning’s always a smooth operation.

Manage your cleaners more effectively

Get more done.

Send real-time notifications, set each cleaner’s house and work days - and determine how many cleaners you need each day.

Offer more hotel rooms for day use

Make rooms available faster

Schedule multiple cleaning sessions whenever they’re required - and free up more rooms for day use.


Achieve higher cleaning standards on autopilot
Make it easy for anyone to clean and arrange any apartment to a defined standard and layout - even if they’ve just joined your team.

Give each cleaner a common set of standards

Set priorities.

Direct each cleaner to attend to key items and furniture - and set cleaning standards for each room.

Make sure furniture returns to the right spot

Be consistent.

Clients often move furniture around - so make sure that cleaners know where it should be returned to.

Onboard cleaners faster with room layouts

Avoid mistakes

Give each new cleaner a clear understanding of their responsibilities with detailed layouts for each room.
Now we can get rooms ready faster, with just an hour between check-in and check-out - and a boost for our customer satisfaction’
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Francois Webre
Owner, Ibis Nice
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Record cusomter complaints

Be consistent

Use checklists to set high standards for cleaning and maintenance across your hotel - and onboard new cleaning staff faster.

Work easier with outsourced cleaning staff

Adapt to each customer

Log any feedback or complaints, identify opportunities for improvement - and issue compensation.

Build stronger and more effective teams

Synchronize your team

Send updates so that your porter brings luggage down just before checkout - and runners deliver amenities on time.


Deliver on every promise with checklists
Take control of tasks. Create dynamic checklists that transform into automated tasks - and track each cleaner’s performance against them.

Plan your maintenance based on data

Eliminate guesswork.

Set checklists each day, week, or month to resolve common causes for complaints - and watch your reviews improve.

Score your cleaners to improve standards

Grade performance.

Track each cleaner’s progress against your checklists and identify areas of concern - where extra training may be required.

Create tasks automatically from your checklists

Automate your workflow.

Discover how much your hotel spends on maintenance - and identify underlying issues and opportunities to economize
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Asset management & Inventory

Manage fix- and movable items in your apartments
Track assets within your properties, both furniture that are degrading as well as assets such as baby beds, fans duing summer and extra-heaters during winter that needs to be moved from a stock, to and inbtweeen the apartments
Now there’s less waiting at reception, fewer phone calls - and rooms are ready faster’
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CEO, Napoléon

Record furniture and decorative items in each propoerty

Replace and track standards of assets daily.

Add a missing item report and it will instantly be available across your team - including any cleaning or housekeeping staff.

Manage your main and smaller stocks

Match items faster

Contact each customer with photos of any items retrieved by your team to confirm if it’s their missing property.

Answer each missing item inquiry directly

Talk to clients

Receive missing item inquiries from hotel customers and respond to them straight from your Room Checking app.

Complaint management

Boost your ratings with better reviews
Track and manage each customer complaint, respond faster - and discover which underlying issues create high costs and bad reviews for your hotel.

Track customer complaints and costs

Take control

Track customer complaints either by teams, or groups of issues - and calculate their total cost to your hotel.

Identify customer complaint trends

Uncover deeper issues

Discover common causes for customer complaints - so you can take action and improve your hotel’s rating.

Escalate and resolve more complaints

Improve your rating

Make sure that each complaint gets followed up, resolved, and reported promptly - so more custom
RoomChecking gives us real-time awareness, easier communication - and improved customer satisfaction.
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Damien Harvey, Deputy Director
Hotel Forest Hill, Meudon Velizy
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    Thanks to Roomchecking we no longer need to hire someone to manage Opera followup requests - which saves us 4000 Euros a month
    Pullman Paris Centre Bercy
    Maxime Roberton, GG
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    Roomchecking helped us with the planning as we now have all our cleaning rules inserted and predefined. I no longer need to communicate with reception several times a day, write manual lists for each cleaner
    Jeroen - The Student Hotel Rotterdam
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