Audit & Check-List

A good hotel checklist system streamlines operations by providing a clear, organized structure for tasks and responsibilities. This ensures that staff members consistently meet quality standards, enhancing guest satisfaction, and maintaining a smooth workflow across departments, ultimately contributing to the hotel's success.
Audit and Check List Features
Create Stunning Check lists
CheckIn/CheckOut checklist
Share Check Lists in Multi Property 
Schedule Check lists
Create Stunning Check lists
Create visually stunning check lists that can be share with you team for :
Regular inspection and maintenance of facilities to ensure cleanliness and safety
based cleanings
Adherence to industry standards and regulations for hospitality services
Tracking of inventory and supplies to ensure adequate stock levels
Training and certification of staff members in relevant areas such as safety, hygiene, and customer service
Regular review of staff performance and recognition of outstanding achievements.
And much more options for you
CheckIn/CheckOut checklist
An audit is crucial when renting as it ensures that both the landlord and tenant are fulfilling their obligations. An audit can also help to prevent disputes and resolve them fairly and transparently.
Reports are crucial in hospitality as they provide valuable insights into business performance, guest satisfaction, and operational efficiency. 
Getting reports of your audits will provide
Staff performance
Asset health
Quality control
Brand Standards
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
Share Check Lists in Multi Property
If you own more than 1 hotel, or a brand, you may want to follow a standard
Common library of audits
Score based libraries
Common Dashboarding
Schedule Check lists
Whenever you need to do apply a check list, everyone has a different goal in mind. Enjoy flexibilty with :
Mandatory Audits
Randomly triggered Audits
Event based
Wear leveling to cover progressively all therooms
Reservation lenght based cleaning
Reservation lenght based cleaning
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules

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