How to Access Experiences Section?

The experiences section includes all the experience and associated feedback guests left after staying at a hotel room.

To view the list, navigate to the left navigation bar.

From the list of options, click Experiences.

Information regarding each experience is tabulated via various columns that include Open Date, Location, Photo, Guest Name, VIP, Check out, Category, Pending, Action, Resolved, and Actions.

Select the hotel for which you want to view guest experiences using the hotel dropdown atop the screen.

To import the experiences in bulk from an excel file, click the import icon located next to the hotel dropdown.

To download the contents of this grid in an excel file, click the download icon next to the import icon.

In addition, you can filter the results using the Filter items, Start Date, End Date, and Newest First dropdowns atop the grid in order to obtain specific records.

Clicking an experience record opens the Edit experience panel on the right side letting you edit any details for the selected experience.