Front Office

Front office staff are the first line in front of the client. The staff needs quick access to all information about the room condition and capable of capturing guests request in an efficient manner 
Front Office Features
Visualize the Cleaning Progress
Communicate with staff
Set Rooms to Priorities and Queues
Tag a Guest/SMS a Guest
Create Experiences (Glitch)
Visualize the Cleaning Progress
Facing guest  can be stressfull. Even more  in peak days. Hopr will help the Front office team to :
See the progress of cleaning to give an ETA for a room
Send a message to the room to give fresh instructions
Create a task
Set priorty
Create an Experience (Glitch)
Do Lugage Management
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
Communicate with staff
Facing the guest, or on phone, Front office needs to be able to both create tasks and report progress to guest. Hopr allows to see very fast what's the status of a task :
Create tasks very fast for any team.
Allow anonymous login for reception
Show Cleaning progress
See Queue processing progress
Get all room setup information (King, Twin...)
Set Rooms to Priorities and Queues
At any moment, the Front Office can when necessary set multiple rooms as priroty. Beeing connected to PMS, Hopr can also report the queues.
Tag a Guest/SMS a Guest
Adopting a guest-centric approach Hopr enables the front office team to quickly and accurately access all necessary information to promptly and precisely address the needs of guests.
Tag an important guest to be notified on any issues 
Sms a guest when room is cleaned
Weekly cleanings specific day
Category based cleanings
Reservation lenght based cleaning
Reservation lenght based cleaning
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
Create Experiences (Glitch)
All hotels and properties are different and have different operations, thus a tool used for operations needs to be adaptable. With Roomchecking rule builder you are able to build your own rules. Do you have weekly Cleanings? Do you have extra cleanings for some properties and for other not? Do clients get their cleanings based on their ratecode? We can help you. Find some examples of rules below
Catch Bad, Good and Neutral guest reports
Following actions
Escalate to proper services
Write to Guest Profile (Opera Htng)
Give compensations

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