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Frequently, properties accumulate found items in the back office. Our lost and found system enables team members to record items found on the premises, linking them to the respective client if discovered in a room.
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Found Item from Mobile
Found Item from web
External System
Found Item from Mobile
Managing Lost and Found has always been a headache. From getting it from floors to storage, it is a very time consuming task.
Never again loose time  : the attendant will report throught her app the Found item, and the back office will track very simply where they are are any moment and what is the return to the guest status.
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Found Item from Web
Simply input the details of your lost item and our system will immediately begin searching for it. With real-time updates and notifications, you'll never have to worry about tracking the found items. Plus, our software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to everyone :
Linked the guest reservation
Storage place
Multiple photos
Category based cleanings
Full follow up workflow
Send Email to guest
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External System
With the many new services offered by companies offering full L&F handling, Roomchecking Hopr can send via its integration platform the relevant data to those external providers
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External System
Nowadays more and more  services are offered to hotels to externalize the Lost&Found handling,shipping and payment.
By interfacing with them Hopr can send them all the details directly via API.
Such services include Peekin will get:
Photo of the found item
Guest Email and Phone
Guest Address when known
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Daily priorities
All hotels and properties are different and have different operations, thus a tool used for operations needs to be adaptable. With Roomchecking rule builder you are able to build your own rules. Do you have weekly Cleanings? Do you have extra cleanings for some properties and for other not? Do clients get their cleanings based on their ratecode? We can help you. Find some examples of rules below
Ratecode based cleanings
Weekly cleanings balanced
Weekly cleanings specific day
Category based cleanings
Reservation lenght based cleaning
Reservation lenght based cleaning
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
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