Complex property Setup

What you see is not always what you have.Hotels can have multiple PMS accounts, but will have a single Housekeeping team. Beeing able to reflect the operations when there are not mirroring distibution is key to success.
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Complex Property Setup Features
Renaming Rooms
Merge multiple properties into 1
Split One Property in many
Reservation based room configuration
Renaming rooms
Otten PMS room names do no reflect in the field Operations. Hopr is capable of :
Understands that 0101 = 101
Supports for beds
Support for connecting rooms
Rename a technical naming to human readable one
Use prefix for properties merging
Reservation lenght based cleaning
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
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Merge multiple properties into 1
You may have multiple PMS accounts, but one team for operations. With hopr one can easily unify multiple accounts. Hopr is even capable of mixing PMS  letting you having one hopr porperty composed of different PMS.
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Split One Property in many
May you be working with different cleaning company, you may want to give them a subset of your rooms without them beeing able to see the other's work. Give them full autonomy on partial view of your property, while you having a global access.
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Reservation based room configuration
In certain environnements, you may sell certain configurations of rooms  leaving other configuration out of market.
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Daily priorities

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