A maintenance application in a hotel ensures seamless guest experiences and optimized operations. By addressing issues faster, hotels can minimize downtime and improve customer satisfaction .
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Curative Maintenance
Define the preventative maintenance plan
Detect repeated issues in your property
External maintenance
Curative Maintenance
Utilizing a maintenance application, maintenance teams can promptly receive issue reports from any staff member on their devices. Depending on the property, the workflow can be automated, connecting cleaners, housemen, and maintenance teams to other departments, streamlining communication and ensuring efficient issue resolution.

Create immediate tasks
Advanced workflow
Add photos and videos
Reassign tasks
Move to departure Tasks
Messaging in the tasks
And much more options for you to personalize your own rules
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Define the preventative maintenance plan
Reliability and safety  can be achieved only through planned maintenance. Let's name it proactive maintenance. From legal obligations to hotel standards
Reduce maintenance costs
Business Intelligence
Never forget an anniversary of  maintenance with  a clear calendar 
Prevent downtime
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Detect repeated issues in your property
Thanks to our asset management dictionnary manage all your assets and tap into an
Access asset information and history from anywhere
Seamless communication around your assets
Manage assets from your mobile device.
Increase ROI
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External maintenance
Beeing able to incorporatle external companies into your team is crucial. Having a single source of truth will leverage all your work and prevent disconnected teams
Zero training application
Push notification & Email
iOS and Android to reach everyone
Capable of timing the work
Access to warehouse data
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Everything you can measure can be improved, so they say. Why this issue is so often repeated  ? Having an integrated system where everyone contributes to high quality data will offer incredible insight into you hotel asset health. These data will help you :
Forecast purchasing
Understand Utilization
Help you dispose the right assets
Increase guest satisfaction by having less issues
Budget more precisely
Achieve Reliability Excellence
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