Efficient hotel glitch management is crucial for maintaining guest satisfaction and seamless operations. By quickly identifying and addressing issues, hotels can prevent minor inconveniences from escalating into major problems.
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Experiences aka Glitches
Log Guest Feedback
Write to customer profile
Track  resolution
Manage Compensations
Log Guest Feedback
Whatever the guest experience, Good, Bad or Neutral it important to welcome it and properly document it for better resolution. Having access to the whole reservation data like Room, VIP Level, group name... will give hotels' staff all information in hand to proper handle the experience
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Write to customer profile
Beeing able to find returning guests profile is an important tool team have in hand to customize the guest experience. With proper Opera Interface (HTNG), Hopr can write, and update Experiences in the customer profile.
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Track progress until resolution
In multi staff environnent like hotels, it is easy for an information to be lost.  Being able to track each resolution step is key to sucessfull guest management complain.
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A guest complain can be collected anywhere in the hotel. With Hopr, the right staff  can receive the alert so they can handle it properly. With the help of emails sent to groups when created and update, the hotel management can be aware of all the issues.
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Manage compensations
Using compensation is an important tool to resolve guest complains. With high configurability of existing compensation, one can offer different compensation levels
Pre defined compensations
Money, rewards or offering
Multiple compensations
Free compensation
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