Learning how to serve the different needs and desires of leisure travelers vs. business travelers is important for any hotel. Leisure travelers are traveling for their own reasons and on their own dime, so their expectations for their hotel stay are far more personally motivated. Because these travelers are driven by emotion, any disappointment in their hotel experience will have a large-scale negative effect, making it essential for the hotel to not only meet but exceed expectations.

Since leisure travelers are looking for the best value for their money, they put more importance on comfort-related aspects of the hotel, such as in-room amenities and in-house experiences like a pool or spa. As these guests spend more time in the hotel than other travelers, they are more likely to be affected by poor service and delayed responses to requests, which will in turn affect their online reviews.

Online reviews were made for the leisure traveler. Even if a hotel is within their desired price range, negative reviews can take it out of consideration. For this reason, if none other, hotels should strive for the highest level of organization and guest service possible. Exceeding guest expectations is the best way to ensure positive online reviews, which directly affect future guests’ booking decisions.

The point of leisure travel is to get away from everyday life, relax, and have fun, and leisure travelers look to their hotel to help them fulfill these goals. Because of this, the hotel’s organization of guest services and attention to detail is imperative, and an application that helps improve these areas will be indispensable to, in turn, improving the guest experience of leisure travelers.

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