The Transformation Journey: Transitioning Your Housekeeping Team from Excel to Roomchecking Software

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The housekeeping department is the backbone of any successful hotel, resort, or hospitality business. Ensuring that rooms are clean, amenities are stocked, and guests are happy is a monumental task. For years, many hotels have relied on the venerable Excel spreadsheet to manage these complex operations. While Excel is a powerful tool, there are limitations to its capabilities in terms of real-time updates, easy sharing, and automation. Today, more and more businesses are shifting towards specialized software solutions like Roomchecking to supercharge their housekeeping operations. So, what does this transition mean for a housekeeping team?

A Look at the Old Guard: Excel


  • Familiarity: Most people are familiar with Excel, and it doesn’t require a lot of training to get started.
  • Flexibility: Excel allows you to create customized templates, including schedules, checklists, and inventory lists.
  • Low Cost: It is a relatively inexpensive solution if you already have a Microsoft Office subscription.


  • Manual Updates: All data needs to be updated manually, increasing the risk of errors.
  • Limited Collaboration: While it’s possible to share Excel files, real-time collaboration is limited.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, the complexity of the Excel sheets can become unmanageable.

Stepping into the Future: Roomchecking Software


  • Real-time Updates: Room statuses can be updated in real-time, allowing for better coordination between housekeeping, front desk, and maintenance teams.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automate tasks like assignment distribution, quality checks, and inventory management.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Track the performance of individual team members with the use of analytics.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Housekeeping staff can update room status on-the-go using a mobile app, without having to return to the front desk.


  • Initial Training: Unlike Excel, the staff will need training to use the software efficiently.
  • Cost: Specialized software often comes with a subscription cost, which can be a significant investment.

The Transition Experience

Preparation and Training

Switching to a new software will require some initial setup and training. Roomchecking often provides detailed onboarding processes to ease this transition. It’s important that management and the housekeeping staff fully understand how to make the most out of the new software.

Typically we need to do this :

  • We need to define the users
  • We need to list the list of Assets
  • We need to map all the rooms, the buildings, sections and subsections.

Please consider 1 month is necessary to complete the setup.

Immediate Benefits

As soon as the system is operational, you can expect to see immediate improvements in task assignment, tracking, and completion. This increases the productivity of the housekeeping team and often results in a more pleasant guest experience.

Long-Term Impact

In the long run, the analytics capabilities of Roomchecking can provide insights into staff performance, inventory usage, and room maintenance needs. This data can be invaluable for improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.


The transition from Excel to Roomchecking involves an initial investment in both time and money, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Improved efficiency, enhanced accountability, and valuable operational insights are just a few of the advantages that specialized software brings to the housekeeping department. By embracing technology, you can ensure that your housekeeping team is well-equipped to meet the demands of the modern hospitality industry.

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