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Though one of the most important activities for a hotel to continue running smoothly and provide guests with an exemplary experience, scheduling and tracking preventative maintenance can prove to be easier said than done. With the size and number of employees in most hotels, how can it be possible to keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed?

If a scheduling solution is already a part of the hotel’s daily operations, preventative maintenance can be added straight into the calendar. If it is a solution used by employees, it will be easier to notify them of the dates when preventative maintenance is scheduled, along with all the details needed for cleaning or repairs.

Additionally, having a solution in place that not only allows preventative maintenance to be scheduled, but prompts the employee performing the task to check off when the task is finished and even send messages about it, will help supervisors keep track of what was completed when and when an area or appliance requires additional attention.

With the RoomChecking application, worrying about scheduling and tracking preventative maintenance is a thing of the past. Because employees at all levels use it every day, assigning the necessary tasks is as easy as assigning any other daily task. Tasks can also be set to be recurring- daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly- so routine maintenance is never neglected.

Ready to simplify your preventative maintenance scheduling?

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