Release note

September 13, 2023

Display tasks per room on the cleaning calendar

Task Tags

August 8, 2023

Added Vaccant Dirty Plugin

New Round Robin Feature

More Data Sources to Dashboard : On/Off Duty, Audits

June 26, 2023

Tasks dashboard is improved - fixed durations, added few new columns.
Create task is now everywhere !

Tasks history - improved history messages across the app.
Tasks history - fixed tasks item sorting.
Minibar consumption endpoint - now the price on the item is not multiplied by the quantity.
Tasks - fixed real time updates for mass actions on both tasks and calendar.
Nightly cleaning planner - now you can change cleaning time for nightly/turn down cleanings.
Room instructions - reservation CICO dates and front office status is now displayed as reservation description.

June 16,2023

This important release brings back a very awaited feature : cleaner assigment in the inspector app !

Please check you have the latest version : 1.25.

You can change the Assignment by changing the will in real time update your cleaning planner.

Attendants are sorted, but the already cleaners in use will appear first

You can unassign by clicking again on the cleaner

Reset cleaning : you can reset a cleaning. the room will turn dirty and it will disappear fromt the list of cleaned rooms in the attendant app.

DND Filter fix : it will retain the previous HK status to appear in Dirty AND Dnd

We added the L&F Reference to the list :

We heard that you were missing some Reservation notes because it was in Room by defaut. It will now go the existing one

Dashboard: we added the group and subgroup of the task to be able to group by Maintenance for example

Create and Continue for tasks

Room's Overview: hopr gives you more information to quickly spot the situation

May 30, 2023

Automatic nightly HK updates - admin application is updated to have one global setting which can enable/disable the update and where you can choose whether

a) cleaning priority is reset,

b) turndown is reset and

c) DND is reset. This was made so you don't have to update ALL HK statuses in some way just to update those 3 which are really "separate" and global.

The job that actually does the work is changed to include those global settings and it is reworked somewhat after thorough testing.

Late check ins - There is so much there, I don't know how to explain but we implemented it across all daily cleaning plans and nightly cleaning plans, reservation sync and rooms overview. And everywhere else where the room's reservation status is calculated for today or prediction for the future. (Like cleaning calendar). Also the hotel settings are extended so you can adjust the "Late check in threshold time after midnight" per hotel.

Day use tag / detection - was fixed and modified to understand late check ins. This is primarily on the rooms overview.

External API HK endpoints - modified for quicker loads and faster execution.

Daily/Nightly cleaning planner - there was a really special edge case when the prediction of the cleanings for future plans modified reservation statuses. This was a major bug but was rarely manifested because the edge case was really and edge of edge cases.

Daily / Nightly cleaning planner - creating vacant cleanings - fixed for manually creating vacant cleanings, especially after late check in implementation.

Daily / Nightly cleaning planner - creating the plan automatically based on cleaner affinities - fixed and extended after late check in implementation.

Reservation sync - removed the room status calculation which produced weird and false logs when the room was OOO/OOS.

Reservation sync - added heuristics for resolving incoming duplicate reservations.

Reservation sync - added heuristics for resolving existing duplicate reservations because in earlier versions incoming duplicate reservations made a mess.

Hotel settings - extended with the list of properties you've asked for.

Mobile API application settings / configuration - extended with the list of added properties in the hotel settings.

Mobile API globally - removed room status calculation which was not important since the mobile app is loading room statuses from a separate endpoint.

Rooms overview - removed an icon which was imagined as a tasks for the reservation specifically but was not used.

Rooms overview - fixed the loading of the history when another room was selected while the history drawer is opened.

Rooms overview - extended the info drawer with room details, current extended information about reservations, cleanings and tasks.

Rooms overview - added tabs with specific histories - room history, reservation histories, tasks history.

Experience - extended experience CRUD with "Was client satisfied" flag

Experience dashboard - extended with "Was client satisfied" flag

Experience import/export - extended with "Was client satisfied" flag

Experience email report - extended with "Was client satisfied" flag

Room edit form - enabled changing room's PMS room name (This might have a validation issue, didn't fully test it yet)

Experiences - fix after multi-compensation implementation when there were no compensations.

Creating hotels for existing hotel group - now when you create a hotel for existing hotel group asset actions are duplicated to the new hotel based on existing data. The system detects which actions are used across all existing hotels in the group and decides which ones to duplicate to the new one.

User impersonation - Extended admin app to enable/disable user impersonation.

User impersonation - enabled user impersonation for mobile apps.

User impersonation - enabled user impersonation for web app.

CPSAT calculator and the timeline - fixed the time zone shift after accepting the CPSAT solution.

Microsoft Clarity - added clarity to the web app for improved insights into app usage.

External API - added UpdateUser endpoint to improve handling users for coloft? integration.

Assets and asset groups - improved validation to better handle possible duplicate names when inserting and importing assets and asset groups.

Daily / Nightly planner - added cleaning switch for "Not required" and newly generated cleaning when the system detects it should be done. (This is missing automatic sending the cleaning and notifications so the administrator has to manually resend the plan - for now)

Cleaning plugins - resolved the difference between the admin app and web app and fixed some bugs. (Not sure which exactly)

Found items - add/edit - focused when clicked on item in list.

Found items - add/edit - focused when clicked on item in list.

Audits - added compare feature.

Automatic scaling of the web APIs. When the system detects increased load it adds new instances. Same for decreased load it removes instances.

Improved monitoring to detect increased number of server errors. It starts sending emails to our DevOps and Nikola and me so we don't wait for users to report but we can preemptively jump on it. It is also a detection for brute force attacks on the servers.

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