Multi Property support

multi property

When you think about multi property you may be tempted by the easyness of being able to switch between hotels... but it is not that easy. Let's go deeper :


RoomChecking enables easy management of multiple hotels under a single account. Whether you operate boutique hotels or large chains, you can streamline your operations effectively from one place.


The use of a multi-property system for hotels, such as RoomChecking, offers several key advantages to users. First and foremost, it allows for seamless management of multiple hotels under a single account, eliminating the need for multiple accounts or systems. This can be incredibly beneficial for operators of boutique hotels or large chains.

The unified account structure can help streamline operations effectively from one location. This increases efficiency, as it mitigates the need for coordinating between different systems or platforms, and eliminates the danger of miscommunication or data loss. All this leads to smoother operations, increased productivity, and potentially higher profits.


Sharing the same assets accross properies will allow perfect tracking. Financially you'll be able to have a global picture of your assets unders one dashboard

Cleaning Types and Cleaning Length

For resorts, you can keep a cleaning policy accross all your properties.

Check Lists, Cleaning Procedures/SOPs

Make sure your brand is consistent accross all the properties.

Make annual reviews based on facts !

Open a new property easily by sharing Departments, Experience Categories, Experience compensations, Lost & Found Categories, Minibar and Dashboards

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