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Children of Generation X (people born between 1965-1981), or Gen X as they are more commonly known, are often overlooked in favor of the other two generations, probably because they fall right into their place in the demographic: they have money to spend, like the baby boomers, but are more cautious with it, like millennials. They enjoy luxury, but put a lot of thought and research into what they buy. They’re connected online, but are much more careful about what kind of information they release.

Gen Xers are a very conscious group, both self and otherwise. Independent and self-sufficient, they’re more likely to value authenticity over hype and tangible effects over wishfulness. If they perceive a hotel to be reliable and trustworthy, the hotel will gain their loyalty.

Being a structured, punctual group themselves, Generation X expects the same out of their hotel. Organizational applications are indispensable tools for impressing this group, as they are not only anticipating all of the amenities indicated to them before their arrival, on the hotel website or elsewhere, but also an organized response system for guest requests. Though they may not be looking for frills, whatever the hotel promised it provides should be done well.

Generation X is less likely than other generations to affiliate themselves with a particular brand, but if an individual establishment proves to be dependable, they will return again and again. Gain these repeat guests with the help of the RoomChecking application, improving hotel organization and simplifying the communication process between departments to ensure that Generation X has a dependable, authentic hotel experience.

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