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It has been about a month ago already, and yet so many things we saw at ITB related to hotel technology are as exciting as ever. ITB is one of the biggest hotel conferences in the world. Drawing in thousands of people from around the globe and some of the top hotel technology startups use it as the springboard to showcase emerging hotel technology, meet new people, and discover ways to improve hotels.

With over 109,000 visitors this 5-day trade show allowed visitors to meet face-to-face with startups and established brands from around the world. This was the first year that RoomChecking attended ITB and we noticed one big trend. Hotels can really benefit from technology. We’d love to share with you some of our favorite highlights from this year’s event.


Focus: PMS System

Mews is a modern day Property Management system. What we love about Mews is the high value they put on seamless integrations. Because they put a large focus in their department they have the ability to ingrate with a variety of platforms to easily automate and simplify your operations. They also have a superb design and that's refreshing in the world of B2B hotel tech. 


Focus: Hotel Tech Marketplace

Snapshot created a marketplace for hotels applications and provides hotel data. What is so unique about this marketplace is that it acts as a hub enabling developers to with hotel data for applications and allowing hoteliers to have easy access to these applications to download to improve their hotels. Snapshot has been around since 2013 and continues to constantly innovate.


Focus: Loyalty Club for Travelers

Wanup created an exclusive club for travelers, which caters to their needs. With different level cards you are able to choose what fits best for you and your lifestyle. The more you travel the greater the rewards. They even have special sign up bonuses for new members. What we love about Wanup is their focus on the guest and ensuring their experience at the hotel is memorable.

Hotel Scienz

Focus: Manage Hotel Revenue

Busy Rooms and Xotels created a strategic partnership to help me develop a revenue management dashboard tool for the hotel industry. What makes this platform so interesting is they have the able to analyze and gain an insight on the consumer demands based upon any hotel size.


Focus: Hotel Communication Tool

Hotel Kit is a tool that provides communication back and forth between different departments. What we think is great about Hotel Kit is it allows for collaborative communication within and outside your group. And they had a really cool, recycled stand!

Focus: Analytics and CRM

Boost –inn is a suite of applications used to help unclutter unnecessary tasks. With their wide array of tools, they assist with CRM, booking, self check-in and even provide analytics. What we love about Boost inn is their ability to focus on the guest by gathering all the data and centralizing it into one place. This is a great tool for hotels of all sizes.

SoftBank Robotics 

Focus: Using Robots to improve guest experience

SoftBank Robotics is focused on using robots to improve the guest experience. What’s great about the robots is that you are able to program them for your business to enrich your guest experience. Guests are able to interact with the Robots based upon the settings they are programmed with.


Focus: Digitalizing the Room Key & Mobile payment

With Conichi guests are able to by pass waiting in line at the guest counter check in and go straight to their room. Once they approach their room they are able to use their digital key to open their door. Upon leaving the hotel they can quickly us the app to make mobile payments. This is a great way for hotels to go green and use a digital room key.


Focus: Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Management tool

This was the first year that RoomChecking attended ITB. RoomChecking is a communication tool aimed to improve the efficiencies of the housekeeper and maintenance team. By using RoomChecking and having access to your housekeeping and maintenance analytics we believe this is key to having strong a hotel staff and improving the guest experience.

In summary

We were happy to see so many awesome hotel technology startups at ITB, there wasn't even enough space in the hall assigned to hotel technology, in fact I think there were 5 halls only with hotel tech and the stands were great. As the industry keeps saying, hotel technology is becoming a big big deal and we're happy to bring our part to making hotel operations better. 

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