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The baby boomer generation (people born between 1945-1964), besides being one of the biggest in recorded history, have also reached or are nearing the age of retirement. That means they not only have money, but time, on their hands, and are looking to fulfill lifelong travel dreams. More baby boomers are looking to check off bucket list travel items than any other generational group. Not only that, but baby boomers are the least likely to use OTAs to book their travel, making them important guests to impress.

The people of this generation value the experience that their hotel can give them, whether traveling alone or with family. If they feel like something in the hotel is a quality or luxury experience, such as the restaurant or spa, they won’t hesitate to spend the money to do it- 58% of baby boomers don’t plan to set a trip budget. The key is to ensure that the services match up to the level at which they’ve been advertised in order to satisfy this client group.

Contrary to their wartime-era parents, this generation were able to focus on individual goals and achievements rather than the good of the whole, so they feel more free to focus on themselves. They not only appreciate but expect a personal touch, so anything that can be done to make them feel special is essential to their satisfaction. This could include keeping notes on guest preferences and past requests in the PMS, prompt responses to their requests, and following up with them about said requests or reported issues. The two amenities most-demanded by baby boomers when staying a hotel is free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast, so the hotel should make sure that the Wi-Fi is working in all rooms before the guests even check in. All of these call for quick and accurate communication within the hotel teams, making it important to put in place a system that transmits guests’ specific requests or preferences among team members.

Though 69% of baby boomers won’t leave online reviews, out of those who do review, 19% will leave a review about hotels. Their approval and loyalty depends on how much they feel they are valued as people, not just as business. By ensuring that their needs and desires are heard and respected by all members of staff, the hotel will exceed their expectations and create an exceptional guest experience.

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