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RoomChecking is the best tool to manage your vacation rentals and apartment staff. Ready to automate your housekeeping and maintenance staff?

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See Our Automatic Planner in Action!

Save over 20 hours per week with RoomChecking's automatic planner.
No matter how complex your apartment housekeeping schedule is we can handle it.

  • Customize your cleaning schedule to handle, daily weekly, bi-monthly, etc
  • Imports your reservation in real time
  • Save your weekends by preparing the plans ahead
  • React to last minute reservation
  • Send the plan to your cleaners and see cleaning progress in 1 screen
vacation rentals cleaning

Coordinate your Vacation Rentals

Imagine sitting at your desk and you click one button. RoomChecking will do the plan your schedule for you.

  • Save over 20 hours per week
  • Automatically plan your housekeeping team
  • Plan today, tomorrow, and the future
  • Preventative housekeeping tasks
  • Work even when there is no internet
  • Easily send cleaning orders to external partners

"RoomChecking is the perfect solution to manage our property needs. From the smart automation, the customized checklists. We save over 20 hours a week using the automatic housekeeping schedule tool and the preventative maintenance features "

- Sandra Silberberg @ Sweet Inn

Smart Automated Schedules

Instantly communicate your housekeeping work plan for today, tomorrow, and the future. Cleaners will receive their work schedules for today and the future on their mobile device. Schedules intelligently use parameters such as:

  • Cleaners work schedule
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) & estimated time of departure (ETD)
  • Geolocation
  • Long stay vs. short stay
  • Custom cleaning rules based upon day, bi-weekly, weekly, month, etc.
  • Automatically schedule last minute bookings
housekeeping and maintenance software
housekeeping and maintenance software

Sell Extra Cleanings Without the Pain

You'll never miss an opportunity to make additional revenue from selling add on cleanings. RoomChecking will receive your reservation information regarding upsells directly from your property management system (PMS). Custom stay cleanings will automatically be added into your future schedule so you'll never miss a vacation rental cleaning.

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Create customizable audits!

With RoomChecking you have the ability to create custom checklists for every department. With photo capabilities our digital checklists have been a popular for safety inspections for maintenance, to do lists for housekeepers and inspectors, and providing a task management application for other departments.

  • Customize checklists for every department
  • Submit photos in real time
  • Management receives audits instantly upon submission
  • Create unlimited checklists
  • Save time by virtually inspecting your housekeepers
housekeeping and maintenance software

Virtually Inspect Your Vacation Rentals

With RoomChecking, you have the option to create a customized checklist or multiple checklists for your housekeepers to fill out on their mobile application. Equipped with photo capabilities you will be able to virtually inspect your housekeepers upon submission of their checklist.

  • Require your apartment housekeepers to submit photos in real time
  • Create one or multiple checklists for your housekeepers to complete
  • On duty feature so only active users will receive new issues
  • Advanced analytics available on your checklists
  • Schedule preventative housekeeping tasks
  • Add photos and pdfs so your team has a reference for your expectations

Track All Your Maintenance Issues

Give maintenance the ability streamline, prioritize, and handle issues in real-time. Reduce redundancy, miscommunication and lag. Enable maintenance to resolve issues before they become a problem.

  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Prioritize issues and schedule tasks
  • Advanced reports for owners or internal use
  • Upload PDF Manuals for mobile access
  • Checklist inspections with photo capabilities
  • Preventative Maintenance - never miss a task again
preventative maintenance software
housekeeping and maintenance analytics software

Tap into the Power of Analytics

RoomChecking begins capturing your data the day you begin using our software. This data is funneled into our advanced analytical tools to ensure you are always in the know.

  • Identify your opportunities and successes
  • Track cleanings and maintenance tasks to create and pay invoices
  • Filter and export your data
  • Unlimited history
  • Retrieve your analytics and data Instantly

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