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You need to deliver conformity at the right cost. Since you're an hotelier, you want to deliver hospitality.

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Get the most of out of your team with dedicated workflows that make it easy.


Break down the barriers of different departments by putting everyone on one system.

Save Money

Get the ROI you need by increasing efficiency and productivity across everywhere in the hotel.

RooM Ready

Meet your dedicated check-in times with a solution that optimizes housekeeping.

Total flexible housekeeping solution to support your hotel organisation

RoomChecking makes it easy for different departments to work together.  Avoid the hassle of phones calls, asking for updates, and running around to see what has been done. We keep everything in one place so is easy to add new work and track updates.

  • Housekeeping can submit issues for maintenance.
  • Front Office can prioritize rooms and add in reservation messages.
  • Maintenance can blocks rooms from completing inspection and automatically alert housekeeping when it's ready.
  • Notifications can be sent from one user to another.
  • Set specific change sheets schedules.

Transparency Made Easy

RoomChecking makes it easy to see the status on any work. With our system, you can see who is suppose to do what and how far have they progressed.

  • Real time hotel visibility
  • Increased staff reactivity for better guest satisfaction with smaller team
  • Happier staff throught better information flow
  • History of all actions for glitches inverstigations

Realtime Inspections & Audits
A True Mobile Experience

Our system is designed to work inside your existing workflow.  Easy-to-use mobile applications enable work to quickly be added to the system while real-time communication provide instant updates.

Save Money With Preventative Maintenance

Keeping on top of maintenance can be quite difficult and if not properly done can end up costing you a lot of money. Make it simple with our robust scheduling tools so that you can plan today and never have to worry again.

  • Upgrade your workbook from excel, emails, phone calls, or pen and paper.
  • Instant photos, notifications, and messages.
  • Plan for later today, a future date, or on recurring schedule.
  • Organize your maintenance in accordance to your reservations.

Understand your costs

Our unlimited history lets you dive in deep into your data.  Our system tracks everything so you can review at any time.

  • See the start and finish time of any cleaning completed.
  • Aggregate all of the DNDs and cleaning refusals over any period of time.
  • Review the average time to clean over any period, by any user, of any category, and more.
  • Track all the maintenance issues reported in any room or by any asset.

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