RoomChecking helps hotels pay attention to details, understand guests and service their needs. We make addressing the expectation guests have prior to arriving easy to meet.  Our system will automate, track, and audit the myriad of details so you maintain standards.

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High Service

We make it easy to met high expectations with real-time updates, transparency between departments, and custom workflows.

Guest Centered

Guest information is brought directly into our system so you can know which guest, vip status, and additional preferences.

Happy STaff

High stress amongst team members is heavily linked to disorganization. Make work processes efficient with our optimized solution.

Minibar Integration

Thousands of dollars of lost revenue can be traced back to missed minibar billings.  Our system integrates so that revenue is easy to capture.

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Streamline Housekeeping

Full Service Hotels require extensive housekeeping to make sure things are tiptop.  The last thing you want to worry about is the system that manages it all.

  • Easy Cleaners Scheduling
  • Dynamic Credit Calculations
  • Checklists & Audits
  • 2-Way PMS Integration
  • Guest Reservations & Preferences
  • Preventative Housekeeping Tasks
  • Daily Checklists
  • Turndown service
  • Report Lost and Found items
  • Refusals, Delayed Cleanings, and Pauses

The new smart way to plan

Full Service Hotels require extensive housekeeping to make sure things are tiptop.  The last thing you want to worry about is the system that manages it all.

  • Combine ETA, ETD, VIP, extended stay and guest preferences in one place.
  • Include additional housekeepings jobs
  • Automatic Change Sheets cycles
  • See Out of Order / Service Rooms.

For an accelerated experience, our Automatic Planner uses custom constraints and preferences to automatically create the perfect plan.

  • Automatic change sheets cycles
  • Automatic added tasks based on rules
  • Real-time Update of Tasks upon Triggers
  • Automatic prioritization of rooms to clean
  • Smart Path Routing
  • Auto prioritization of Queue Room
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Proactive Inspections — Inspect What You Expect

Keeping your hotel in tip top shape is no easy task.  Our system allows you to create custom audits that fit your needs.  Create questionnaires with true or false, multiple choice, rating, and much.  Our next level system allows tasks to be created for answers you don’t like so that problem get solved.
·       Score based checklists for Supervisors·       Intelligent inspection lists·       Trigger Tasks inside inspection·       Take photos·       Log work orders directly from Audit·       Templates available so you can start ASAP

The Right Person For The Job

Need something more powerful than assigned work orders to the maintenance team?  Our dynamic system allows for jobs to be sent to the right person and tracked properly.

  • No more paper mess
  • Real time breakdown maintenance
  • Assign tasks to team, custom group or individuals
  • On duty functionnality
  • Reoccuriing tasks for preventative maintenance
  • Block rooms to prevent guest issues
  • Track the status of any task any time
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Collaborate for guest satisfaction

Part ofreducing guest stress is to log the complain asap. It is the way to acknowledgeits complain and update him about progress.            

Being able to create guestexperiences from any application, informing all the staff about progress willimpress the guest while decreasing your Fear of missing out

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A Dashboard that leads to ROI

On averagea 200 rooms hotels produces over 500 events per day… averaging 200 000events per year ! it’s a gold mine to understand what’s really happening anddraw the right conclusions.More over,if you need to manage multiple properties, you’ll love being able to see it allfrom one dashboard.·       Live consoles and dashboards to uncoverpotential issues·       Multi property dashboards to empower youdecisions·       Export YOUR data to your BI Tool

Powerful yet Simple

RoomChecking is designed with usability in mind. Our philosophy is that a tool must be intuitive or not used. Each tool is built to be used by everyone.


Whether you're managing a team of 10 people or 250, RoomChecking is a solution that suits you. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

a solution for the team that has proven itself

Our goal is for staff to be as efficient and productive as possible. To achieve this, our system is designed for teams to work together easily.

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