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The best solution for Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Front Office.


Grow your business, not your expenses

Tired of dealing with poor communication, lack of control over your cleanings, messyinformation, and your staff carrying out tasks too late? 

Whether you have ahotel, a hostel, a vacation rental or any other property, efficient managementis key to grow your business. 

RoomChecking is the all-in-one solution that streamlines property management. It takes theCloudbeds system and improves on it to maximize efficiency and ease of use.Whether to manage reservation, housekeeping, linen change cycles, payroll, orany other part of your operations, RoomChecking makes processes faster andeasier.

Features & Benefits

Planning & Cleaning

Let your propertycleaners know which rooms they have to clean by sending them assignments on theRoomChecking mobile application. The faster rooms get cleaned, the morereservations clients can make.


Track and manageall issues before they grow out of control. Your staff easily reports issuesand you fix them in their early stages, thus keeping the maintenance cost to aminimum.

Lost & Found

No more scratching your head over poorlyorganized, outdated spreadsheets. Just snap photos and keep everythingcentrally located. RoomChecking automatically collects and catalogs informationon recent guests. That way, guests will claim and retrieve their lost items. Nopossession is lost forever, and your clients will be relieved and thankful foryour prompt help.

Let Your Team Go Mobile

The RoomChecking mobile application lets your team handle operations on the fly and update the system without delays. Everyone communicates on one centralized platform.

And much more...

  • Manage linen change cycles
  • Make all your team mobile
  • Grow your business effortlessly
  • Keep your business under control
Please note that this is a special pricing partnership for Cloudbed users.  This offer applies to the standard package.  For more information on what is include, please visit our pricing page:
RoomChecking Pricing