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A hotel’s services revolve around its guests, and guest expectations are evolving as quickly as new software solutions and technological updates become available. Given the number of possible systems that could be at work in a hotel at any given time- property management system (PMS), reservation system, revenue management system, back-of-house applications, guest-facing applications, to name a few- communication between the systems is necessary to keep data organized. Thus, when choosing new systems to adopt, it is crucial to consider how well the new solution will integrate with the hotel’s existing systems.

Integration with the hotel’s PMS is the most important factor to consider, as this system is where the majority of guest data is held. The PMS is the heart of the entire hotel management system, so finding additional solutions to adopt will be based largely on the nature of the PMS. A good application solution will not only integrate with the PMS, but the company will be willing to work with the PMS that the hotel already has for optimal use of their own product.

If an application can integrate with the PMS so that individual guest requests can be tracked and saved in the PMS, the hotel can provide not only a faster response to the request and better guest service but a much more personalized guest experience upon future visits.

In addition, integration prevents the same data from needing to be input multiple times, saving both time and resources, as well as eliminating the possibility for error when transferring information between systems.

Efficiency is key in running any business, and given the fast-paced nature of hotels, slow systems lead to unhappy guests and, ultimately, lost revenue. RoomChecking integrates smoothly with a hotel’s existing PMS and allows guest requests to be documented and transmitted directly to the appropriate departments. Supporting over 40 different PMS systems, the team at RoomChecking will work directly with any PMS a hotel has in order to establish a connection, for maximum efficiency with minimal work for the hotel.

Curious about the idea of a more efficient hotel and more satisfied guests?

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