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to help staff work better, not harder.

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How it works

Coordinate your staff
in real-time

All staff can send messages and file tasks at any time, so no one is held up waiting, and everyone is clear on what they’re accountable for.

Easily see the full status
of your hotel

Which rooms are occupied? Dirty? What maintenance needs to be done? All employees can see relevant hotel status through their customized apps.

Set tasks once,
never worry again

Routine maintenance has never been easier to plan. Create tasks today to be complete now, later, or at regular intervals.

Trusted by these great hotels

“Attendant schedules are a breeze

Quickly assign housekeeping staff based on their current workload, their points, or their estimated time of completion.

Assigning cleaning schedules was the biggest headache of my day– now it takes 5 minutes. RoomChecking is worth it for this alone”

"Inspection bottlenecks are a thing of the past..."

Inspectors can...

  • See which rooms are ready for inspection
  • Add special instructions for housekeeping staff
  • Submit maintenance tickets anytime, anywhere

Maintenance can...

  • See real-time alerts for new issues
  • Quickly identify which issues are high-priority
  • Collaborate on open tasks with other staff

Attendants can...

  • Quickly see their room assignments for cleaning
  • Reference special instructions from front desk, inspector
  • Submit maintenance issues, report found items, and adjust inventory quantities

"We have improved our way of working

Creating one-time and recurring tasks is easier than ever. But even more important, the ability to track tasks individually is what empowers both managers, inspectors, and maintenance.

...a tool which assists getting the message to “where” it’s needed to go, to “whom” it’s needed, and with the “what” is need.”

Real-Time Alerts Mean Instant Action

Dead-Simple apps for each staff member

Productivity made easy

Front Desk

Front desk web app


Inspector tablet app


Attendant mobile app

Room Runner

Room Services mobile app


Maintenance mobile app


Manager mobile app

Works with your PMS

We support 40+ of the most popular PMS systems

RoomChecking Supports


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